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Founded in 2010, Creative Finance Options was created to bring innovative solutions to the automotive industry with the primary objective of delivering new and cutting edge products and services to that market. The Creative Finance Options business model includes collaboration with strategically positioned corporations which are open to diversification and the incorporation of value added components to their core product and service offerings.

In an ever changing business climate, Creative Finance Options allows our partners to perform ahead of the competition through the development and market implementation of innovative products and conceptually new business applications.

Creative Finance Options principals have significant business experience in the automotive finance, insurance and aftermarket product industries. The management team includes proven executive level leaders and an experienced operational management team.

The CFO mission is to create increased value in the automotive finance market through the development and implementation of new products and applications. Our success will be measured by the strength of our products and the benefit realized by our corporate partners.


Partial Recourse Protection (PRP) is an insurance program which provides a financial solution enabling an Automotive Lender to approve Consumer Auto Loans that are currently not processed.

Partial Recourse Protection (PRP) is a solution to capturing and approving the Consumer Auto Loans lost as a result of excessive Loan-to-Value Ratios (LTV).

The PRP program may be utilized in both indirect and direct lending capacities.

A PRP agreement insures a lender; the program is underwritten by CNA Insurance Company.


  1. Allows Lenders to approve loan applications currently not processed!

  2. Substantially increases both direct and indirect vehicle lending volumes!

  3. Allows Lenders to establish a better collateral position or compensate for exceptions to underwriting guidelines!

  4. Generates more loan applications from dealers and dealer groups!

  1. Increases the profitability of lending operations!

  2. Enhances service delivery to dealers and dealer group!

  3. Increases sales of auto loan related aftermarket products (GAP waiver, warranty, service contract)!

  4. Lender services all loans!

  1. No implementation costs!

  2. Simple and rapid implementation process!

  3. No minimum transaction or funding commitments!



Why would a Lender use PRP?
Credit Unions have daily auto lending opportunities where Consumer Auto Loans cannot be structured to meet their lending guidelines. A significant number of those deals are not processed because the Loan to Value Ratio (LTV) of the financed auto exceeds Lender’s guidelines. Partial Recourse Protection (PRP) is a solution to capturing and approving the auto finance deals lost as a result of excessive LTV.
Is the Lender or Borrower Insured?
With PRP the lender is the insured. There is no disclosure to the borrower that the lender has purchased insurance to protect the PRP Principal Amount.
What are the implementation costs involved with the PRP program?
There are no additional costs, outside of your typical costs to process loans, for the PRP Program.
Is PRP customizable for different Lenders?
PRP can be customized for each individual lender and integrated with the Lender’s Loan Origination Software for real time and seamless loan processing.
When can a Lender use PRP?
A Lender can use PRP anytime a Consumer Auto Loan cannot be approved because of excessive LTV ratios.
How much does PRP cost?
PRP costs are based on several factors to include the Borrower credit worthiness, LTV of the subject vehicle and amount of PRP Loan Principal utilized.

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