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American Guardian Warranty Services offers many great Automotive Service Contracts, including our Compass Family of Products , Driver Armor Ancillary and Extreme Auto Protection.

Extreme Auto Protection

Extreme Auto Protection is one of the extended warranty plans administered by American Guardian. There are three different coverage levels : Essential, Extra, and Ultimate. The different levels of coverage are shown below in the comparison grid.

  Essential Extra Ultimate
Exterior Clear Cloat Damage
Interior Surface Damage (Stains)
Exterior Clear Cloat Damage  
Minor Dents    
Cosmetic Alloy Wheel Damage    
Windshield Chip Damage*    
Interior Surface Damage (Rips, Punctures and Burns)    
Headlight Lens Damage (UV)    
Roadside Assistance    
Key Replacement    

* where coverage is avalaible

How could this possibly make that much of an impact?

With the cost of repairs on the first three items and the need for your stranded vehicle to be towed we are talking about thousands of dollars in bills that not every consumer can bare, but with Extreme Auto Protection you can the peace of mind for years down the road.

You should also ask yourself the question what will my vehicle look like in 3-5 years?

With more and more customers wanting new cars every 3 to 5 years or if you lease a vehicle it would be a mistake not to have Extreme Auto Protection in order to maintain the highest retail value on your vehicle.