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American Guardian Warranty Services offers many great Automotive Service Contracts, including our Compass Family of Products , Driver Armor Ancillary and Extreme Auto Protection.

Auto Programs

Compass Protection Plan
Compass Protection Plan

This program provides four different tiers of coverage - Platinum, Silver, and Bronze, as well as, a Wrap plan for new vehicles leading customers in the right direction.

Compass Essential Plan

There are three different levels of coverage within the Compass Essential Plan: basic, plus, and power plus. Each is available with either a 60 month / 100,000 mile term, or a 36 month / 50,000 mile term. The coverages for each are detailed below in the comparison grid.

Compass Gap

Compass GAP is a Guaranteed Asset Protection program administered by American Guardian. If your vehicle is totaled or stolen, your vehicle may be worth less than what you owe on the vehicle loan at the time of the loss. Compass GAP helps protect you in situations like this.

Compass Dealer Certified

The Compass Dealer Certified plan is a comprehensive, custom designed, private labeled dealership certification and customer retention program.

Compass Protection Plan