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American Guardian Warranty Services
offers many great Contracts to Agents.

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Agent Services

The American Guardian Warranty Group offers a number of services for our Agents providing the opportunity to market to dealers giving them an array of products for every driving need. We provide our quality vehicle service contract program, Compass Protection PlanSM with four tiers of coverage, Motorsilk PowerTrain Protection, Dent Armor®, and more. Through the help of our first class administrative services and swift, detailed claim services our remarkable agents are able to market our programs to prospective dealers effortlessly.

We continue to pioneer our service contract products for automobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, watercrafts, and all terrain vehicles. The American Guardian Warranty Group understands that it must continue to take the necessary steps to facilitate our dealers to sell our products to the best their abilities with innovative marketing materials, competitive rates, and improved elasticity to accomplish our goal of providing quality products to our customers.

American Guardian Warranty Services also provides paperless quoting, contract transmittal, menu software, and claims reports providing Agents' enhanced marketability for the American Guardian Warranty Services programs.

There are many advantages to our programs including:

For Dealers

For Dealers

  • Easy to Read Rate Charts and Vehicle Ratings
  • Paperless Systems
  • Menu Software

For Customers

  • Rental Assistance
  • Trip Interruption Assistance
  • First Class Roadside Assistance
  • Future Contract Guarantee
  • Contract Transferability
  • Flexible Deductibles
For Customers
Added Benefits

Added Benefits

  • Wear and Tear included on all vehicles up to 100,000 miles
  • Seals and Gaskets available on vehicles to 150,000 miles
  • Electronic High Tech on vehicles up to 100,000 miles
  • Coverage throughout the United States and Canada (Note: Not on all American Guardian Programs)